Shooting Mazi Chukz for Blanck Digital Magazine

Mazi Chukz is Nigerian by heritage, British raised and a 'break out' star within the Afrobeats genre.

I had the pleasure of shooting Mazi for the September number 6 issue of Blanck Digital; an online magazine now available in print.

Images taken were featured alongside an interview with Mazi with items from Topman, Zara, Crista Repo and so on used to style Mazi pulled by the awesome stylist Lydia White. The styling direction chosen was fresh whilst ensuring we incorporated elements of his Igbo culture within the final images. Images were taken using a 3 light set up, with the exception of two of the styled looks.

Working with Mazi was great, I loved his humble but confident nature.

With the release of future songs and projects in motion, the future certainly looks superb for Mazi; I am always excited to see young talent blossom and feel happy to have partaken in the journey. Look out for fresh new releases from Mazi Chukz.

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Creative Team:

Photographer: Cloee Photographer

Stylist: Lydia White

Artist/Model: Mazi Chukz