Creative Session: Post Ezinne Ceo Dancer Summer Shoot

Following the shoot with Ezinne Ceo dancer, we squeezed in what I like to call a mini "creative session".

Creative sessions can be spontaneous, as there are not always themes set in stone, it's an opportunity to try out an idea, another lighting technique, for make up artists - a new technique or product. I get inspired by faces. Having met Nyasha (who happens to be an artist) literally the day before, I fell in love with her features and asked her to come down for a session following the shoot to which she agreed. I had seen a really cool image in a magazine that inspired this shot and really wanted to try out a bold lip colour plus an effect on her with a lighting technique that was mysterious. I opted for the use of one light to create this image, with the assistance of a great studio representative and talented Make up artist: Breelliant MUA.